Old Times

Welcome to a site that specialises in getting Royal Air Force reunited. We set up this place to recreate the Royal Air Force humour and general banter in an online form. Our forums act like an online NAAFI with a huge amount going on and a load of laughs and serious discussion. The majority of our members are either ex forces or serving members of the Royal Air Force, but we also have a lot of civilians who join in for the craic! You are welcome whatever armed service you were in, we have representatives of all the major Royal Air Force. There’s Royal Air Force, British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Territorial Army and the Merchant Navy. Whether you are ex Royal Air Force, serving Royal Air Force or simply a civilian who has a sense of humour, you’ll have a cracking time.

This site has as a load more to offer other than being your primary stop to relive the old Royal Air Force comaraderie that we all enjoyed while serving in the Royal Air Force. The site has been set up and is maintained by people who served in the British Army and Royal Air Force and most of the people who regularly visit the site contribute as well. This means that we have Royal Marines, Merchant Navy, Royal Navy and Territorial Army as well as loads of British Army and Royal Air Force in the mix. This makes for some cracking debates in our forums as you can well imagine!!

The site boasts a lot more though. We have a huge ex forces and serving members database with which you can get in touch with all your old ex forces, and serving Royal Air Force friends, oppos and comrades. We hope to have thousands of Royal Air Force personnel registered in our database in order to get ALL Royal Air Force reunited. In fact, getting Royal Air Force reunited was what the old site was originally set up to do. However, it has since grown.. and grown enormously! Thanks to the good people at http://www.cheapcarhiredublinairport.co.uk/ for their help along the way.

So, what else is on offer apart the fun and debate of our online NAAFI and the thrill of getting in touch with your old Royal Air Force friends and comrades. Well.. we run a caption competition every month, we have an online quiz, we have games, stories, anecdotes, jokes, poetry and the list goes on.

We hope to have an ID parade whereby you can actually see photo’s of people who you may have served with in the Royal Air Force, they may even be looking at getting reunited with you! The ID parade is very popular for the fact that a lot of the photo’s are quite old.  Many people have found something like 7 seater car hire (http://www.7seatercarhire.com/) or bigger useful for meetups as they are offering decent prices. You’ll see photo’s taken from all different regiments, airfields and ships. There’s pictures that span from Iraq right through to Suez and on to Normandy. A huge archived collection, again.. its all there in order to get Royal Air Force reunited.

We firmly believe that the purpose of the site is for Royal Air Force to get reunited. We will have a testimonials section crammed full of people who have written in to thank us for reuniting them with their old Royal Air Force comrades / oppos / colleagues and friends…..we hope.

It is also worth remembering that the website is not just about reuniting you with your old Royal Air Force friends, but it’s also about making new forces friends. We regularly get together at various places around the country where members of the site can meet up and exchange a drink and a few stories. We have pictures on the site of these get togethers. They really are a site to behold and an absolutely superb laugh! The premier ex forces website (in our humble opinion) and we thrive on getting RAF reunited and letting everyone get back to those good ‘ol days when we served in the Royal Air Force.

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